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Guided Video Lessons

Each lesson uses language you'll actually understand and organized with visuals that'll keep you engaged.

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Practice Problems

Common practice problems ranging in difficulty with step-by-step video answers. 

Available for Pro and Premium members.

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Practice Finals

Print out and try the practice finals, then check your work with our answer keys and video breakdowns.

Available for Pro and Premium members.

200+ Videos on Organic Chemistry

Everything's organized by topic and easy to find, with new videos uploaded weekly.

Membership Plans & Pricing

All of our plans include access to our exclusive Organic Chemistry instructional videos.

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One-time payment

$5 for 5 days

  • Who it's for:

    A good option for students who have a week or two left in the semester and are looking to prep for finals.

    What's included:

    • 100+ instructional videos for Organic Chemistry 1 & 2.


    • 60+ practice problems ranging in difficulty with video answers.


    • Study With Us extended videos.


    • Printable practice finals, answer keys, and video breakdowns.


    • 5 days of access.


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Billed every month


Who it's for:

A great option for students looking to just pass this class and need a little more help all month long.

What's included:

  • 100+ instructional videos for Organic Chemistry 1 & 2.


  • 60+ practice problems ranging in difficulty with video answers.


  • Study With Us extended videos.


  • Printable practice finals, answer keys, and video breakdowns.


  • 30 days of access, automatically renewing until you cancel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Chemmunity's videos and your YouTube videos?

Chemmunity's videos are completely different than those on Melissa Maribel's YouTube channel.

The videos you'll find on the YouTube channel are made specifically for the channel. They are less detailed, shorter, and contain more entertainment value because that's what the YouTube algorithm demands. 

However on Chemmunity, you'll find videos that are in a lecture format, as if Melissa was your online instructor. Chemmunity's videos prioritize learning as opposed to an algorithm. We make sure that the lesson includes enough explanations, examples, and practice problems, regardless of length so that you can learn the concepts.

The videos on Chemmunity are not being posted on YouTube but occasionally, we will post short teaser videos for marketing purposes on social media.

Is Chemmunity right for me?

Chemmunity is for anyone who needs help with Organic Chemistry.

Do you have videos for Organic Chemistry 1 and 2?

We sure do!

We have 95% of the curriculum completed for Organic Chemistry 1 and 90% completed for Organic Chemistry 2.

We upload videos every week. Our goal is to complete both classes by the end of 2023.

If we don't have a video you need for Organic Chemistry, you can let our team know and we'll add it to our list of videos to make.

Can I send you my homework questions?

When you purchase a Premium membership you'll get access to posting your questions in the private homework help group.

Our homework help area is designed to give you the tools you need so you can solve multiple questions on your own.

When you post in the homework help area, we will breakdown the problem and/or suggest videos to watch so that you can succeed on your own.

Our team of moderators will do their best to answer your question within 24-48 hours Monday through Friday.

If you're looking for someone to check your answers to large assignments, we suggest finding a tutor to help you one-on-one. We may not be the right service for you if you're looking for just answers and not understanding.

What if I drop or withdraw from the class?

If you decide to drop or withdraw from the class and are on a Pro or Premium plan, please cancel your membership as soon as possible so you do not get charged again.

We recommend you contact our team if you dropped or withdrew from the class.

Is Chemmunity a subscription?

We offer a 7-day Starter plan that is not a subscription and does not renew automatically. This is great if you just need help for a short period of time.

We also offer Pro and Premium subscription plans that renew automatically until you cancel.

If you do not wish to have your membership renew for another term, you can cancel your plan after purchase.

Once canceled, you will continue to have access until the last day in your current billing cycle.

Do you offer tutoring?

We do not offer one-on-one tutoring, but with our Premium plan you can get questions answered by a member of our team within 24-48 hours, Monday through Friday.

However, if you need one-on-one help, we do recommend finding a tutor and pairing that with our Pro plan. That way you can reduce the number of hours you meet with a tutor but still have access to all of Chemmunity‚Äôs full length instructional videos. 

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